Carol O’Hare, Chair of Trustees

Carol joined the Board in January 2017 as a trustee with a background in Finance. She was elected as Vice-chair in 2018 and Chair in 2020 following the retirement of Andy Birtwistle due to rotation. She has a degree in Economics, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Tax.

She retired as a tax partner from PWC in 2015. Throughout her career Carol has held a number of management positions and specialised in providing taxation advice to a wide range of organisations.

Carol has a keen interest in enabling young people to achieve their potential irrespective of background or circumstances.

A dedicated runner and a member of the YMCA Harriers, Carol received their Benidorm Cup for Best Overseas Performance in 2019 after winning her age category in the Verona half marathon.

Graham Rothwell, Trustee

Graham joined the Board in 2014.

In addition to his BSc Hons degree in Sports Science, Graham is a qualified Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and has obtained several other coaching qualifications. 34 years of his career were spent as a uniformed fire fighter and fire officer followed by 4 years as a non uniformed fitness advisor to the fire service.

Graham is a volunteer member of the Y Club. He also runs a local football club, is a member of the Leagues Football Management Committee and until 2016 had been a member of the National Firefit Steering Group for 14 years.

On the Board, Graham is focused on being proactive for and a voice for members and volunteers.

Reverend Canon Simon Gatenby, Trustee and Honorary Chaplain

Simon is the Honorary chaplain, leading a team of 12 volunteer chaplains, and serves as a member of the YMCA Board.

He has 30 years experience of urban parish ministry, and is enthused wherever supportive, inclusive and aspirational communities can be developed. He continues an active interest and involvement in youth work, not least as his partner is founder/manager of the acclaimed M13 youth project.

Additional responsibilities include serving as a tutor to Westcott House Cambridge Theological College, Cambridge, Honorary Canon at Manchester Cathedral, Governor at Medlock Primary School, and a member of the Manchester YMCA Youth and Community subcommittee.

Ray Mashiter, Trustee

Ray joined the Board in 2014 having been an active member of the YMCA for over 10 years. He is the elected representative of Salford City Council and Chair of Salford Planning  Authority. An engineering graduate of Salford University, he was an instrumentation scientist before being appointed to his current role.

In addition to his commitment to the YMCA, Ray is involved in a number of Community Committees and Service Boards and Salford Lads Club.

One of Ray’s priorities is supporting local young people to gain the very best start in life.

Derek Butterworth, Trustee

Derek joined the Board in 1994. He was a partner for many years in a firm of Quantity Surveyors. Derek has been actively involved in the major property acquisitions/ventures undertaken by the Manchester YMCA such as the move to Castlefield, the Bright Eyes Childcare Centre and the former 125 Club.

On the Board, Derek has a keen interest in the infrastructure and maintenance of the buildings and continues to provide advice, when requested, to the maintenance team.

Gavin Tucker, Trustee

Gavin has been a member of the Y Club for nearly 10 years, taking his interest in mountain biking into the Y Club studio as a volunteer spin instructor.

Gavin qualified as a certified accountant in 1996. He has worked in the accountancy profession for nearly 28 years and has spent the last 19 years providing VAT advice to a diverse range of businesses and organisations in the not-for-profit sector.

During this time, Gavin has had to use his skills to deliver projects, manage teams and associated budgets, all of which can be utilised to help maintain the ongoing operational and financial position of the Manchester YMCA.

Paul Hudders, Trustee

Paul  joined the Board in 2012. He started his career as a semi professional footballer with his fitness regime including sessions at the Manchester YMCA. As a member of the CIPD, he spent many years in Human Resources before joining the family construction business.

Paul began to lead keep fit circuit classes at the Club over 40 years ago and has been doing so regularly ever since.

He is a member of the Y Club subcommittee.

On the Board, Paul continues to take an interest in HR matters and in ensuring that volunteer members are adequately represented.

Carol Hamlett, Trustee

Carol joined the Board in 2019 after working for the YMCA for several years. Carol’s background is in finance and she led on work towards the ISO9001 accreditation first achieved in 2017.

Carol’s current role is with Barclays Bank Technology Centre; co-ordinating and overseeing system data and records compliance.

Carol has volunteered at local Church Lad’s and Church Girl’s Brigades for many years; taking groups of youngsters away, running sports competitions and being a member of a marching band.

Peter Hood, Trustee

With a background running a successful photographic studio, Peter is a long time member of the Y Club and joined the Board in 2019.

Occasionally we seek out new people with relevant skills to help strengthen our Board. If you are interested please contact