Steph Goodchild

My major sporting achievements include 28 marathons and 6 ultras. In 2005 I ran the Everest Marathon. In 2007 the Courmayeur Champex Chamonix and in 2008 I ran the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc which is 104 miles long with a 30,000ft ascent and decent.

In 2009, having not been on a bike for over 20 years, I cycled from Paris to Geneva to raise money for bowel cancer research while in 2011 I ran the Swiss Alpine 78k and summited Mont Blanc.

Training at the YMCA has really expanded my horizons, it’s been great meeting like-minded people who enjoy an adventure and a challenge. The place is full of characters, young and old, all with a love of sport and a respect for everyone’s efforts at whatever level.

Steph Goodchild talks about just a couple of her crazy exploits!