28 March 2017

YMCA Manchester is celebrating a successful Firewalk event that saw 33 brave souls walk barefoot across 20 feet of red hot embers to support young people across Manchester and Salford.

YMCA Manchester Chief Executive, Mike Gandy, said: “Our inaugural Firewalk has been a huge success. Witnessing first-hand the commitment and energy of staff, volunteers and participants who rallied for the YMCA Manchester cause has been nothing short of inspiring.”

“Walking on embers burning at 1236 degrees Fahrenheit is no mean feat, so thank you to everyone who got involved. The money raised will all be spent on developing our Youth and Community projects which make a real difference to the lives of young people from all over Manchester and Salford.”

YMCA Manchester celebrated its 170th birthday last year and we are proud to offer holistic services that support young people in the area. The firewalk is just one of a number of brilliant fundraising events we have on offer designed to raise awareness of our work. Further details can be found on our events page.